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Faster loan application and approval process.


Offering an easy, headache-free payment process.


Offering reliable, safe and secure transactions

Personal Loans

We offer a range of salary based loans to formally employed individuals to meet their day to day needs at affordable rates. Typically, these include...

Business Loans

We provide business loans for small to medium enterprises (SME’s) and micro entrepreneurs (vendors) to assist in growing and scaling their business. Typically, these include...

Micro Insurance

We work with our partners to offer tailored protection to the needs of individuals, small and micro-enterprises who are financially underserved customers...

Payment Services

We offer payment services as requested by customers, currently through our partners. We offer reliable, instant and low-cost payment remittance services to our customers.

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3 Stars

"Whenever you are talking to First Money staff you feel the love, they take your burden to be theirs and come up with the best solution."

Kuedza group

"You come and collect your money in the morning I want to restock where will I get the money, what if I have an emergency I won’t have any money to attend to such things, thank you First money for making our lives easier."

Kubatana Group

"My previous funder used to leave me with money to purchase stock but now I can pay my daily instalments, home expenses and go home with money for the next day’s stock."

Our Partners

A range of easily accessible loans. We are your financial partner for success.

We count on our most reputable and highly qualified Business Development Officers in the sector, leveraging on financial, banking, microfinance and entrepreneurship expertise.